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I took over the family business, and have expanded us fast and hard, from just driveways and small commercial with an old truck with a 300 gallon tank, to specializing in traveling statewide here in MI and having large corporate clients. I need access to larger amounts of sealer than our current 550 trailer units for nights and weekends. I have to stay out of CDL territory for now, and have been eyeing F550s for our 950 gal tank we are building. Payload looks to handle it, even if its darn close to max. But my step dad former owner thinks its not possible or poor idea. trucks these days are worlds beyond what they used to be, and think we would be fine. but I would like some input from other industry owners, I need to pull the trigger soon, and looking to grab a crew cab. I told him we no longer should buy any vehicles not crew cab, as sometimes we are short qualified drivers on the payroll.
Category: Paving Post By: Lyndi (Utica, NY), 01/21/2020

ok lets start with the tank and bed you are putting on the truck as empty..... bed is probably 1500 pounds or better and the tank is going to be around 2600 lbs. The 200-inch wheelbase version has a curb weight of 8,524 lbs. so at that you got 12,624 so far before guys tools etc so lets just say you are starting with 13,000. gvwr for a current f550 is 19,500 which leaves you with 6,500 lbs for sealer. Our sealer is 11.44 lbs per gal. so legally you are looking at only hauling 568 gal. now I was way low on guys and too weight in the truck so you may want to redo math but I would not do this just because you are buying all components, which first time over weight they will red tag that truck and you are in the same situation you are now with the 550 trailer but running illegally now with anything probably over 500 honestly. Now I use a spray bar on ours and like a single cab for backing up and turning getting into tighter areas, so adding length for guys probably aint best but we all deal with the cards delt to us on that.... I would talk to some of the tank manufactures on what trucks they put a 950 gal tank on and start there with correct truck.

- LARRY T (Fresno, CA), 01/31/2020

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